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Our studio is featured by a particular attention to details. We believe that it is details that shows the quality of architecture.

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Bellin Pratt & Fuentes Architects, LLC, was first formed in 2004 through an initial partnership between founding principal architects Marshall Bellin, NCARB, and Glenn H. Pratt, AIA.  Mr. David A. Fuentes, NCARB & LEED, joined the original firm in 2009 and became a principal partner in the firm in 2017.  The original partnership of Bellin & Pratt Architects, LLC, brought to the established firm the combined experience of over 75 years of architectural practice in the City of Coral Gables and Greater South Florida areas from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys.  The addition of David Fuentes to the firm brought to the new partnership name of Bellin Pratt & Fuentes Architects, LLC, a greatly expanded and enhanced interest in environmental and leading-edge technology.  David Fuentes also brings to the firm a wealth of knowledge, understanding and working with multi-national clients and projects.

In addition to both original principals being alumni of the University of Miami, both original principals have enjoyed an almost lifelong residence in the City of Coral Gables / South Florida area.  This life experience has provided many opportunities for a deep connection to this community on a multitude of levels, including family life, social involvement and allegiance to the City Beautiful.   As an example of this professional commitment to community and environment, both original principals have been appointed and served multiple terms on the esteemed City of Coral Gables, Board of Architects.  This City Commission appointment is an indication of the firm’s continuing experience, familiarity with and capability in all aspects of design within the historic urban context and character of “The City Beautiful”, Coral Gables.  Recently, Glenn H. Pratt, AIA, was reappointed and is currently serving on the City of Coral Gables, Board of Architects.

Bellin Pratt & Fuentes Architects, LLC, firmly believes that historic districts, buildings and their settings provide continuity with the past and establish a tangible sense of place. Thoughtful design solutions within the historic context can enhance the visual quality of life and present opportunities for economic revitalization and sustainability.  Historic preservation can provide renaissance opportunities and strengthen the local tax base, as well as foster community identity and stability. Through continuing efforts with our clients, Bellin Pratt & Fuentes Architects, LLC, works to improve preservation information and processes to leave a visible legacy for learning and enjoyment by future generations.

Bellin Pratt & Fuentes Architects, LLC, is involved in projects in the City of Coral Gables and Greater South Florida area at a wide variety of scales.  Works range from religious, to residential and commercial historic preservation and adaptation, to single family homes, to mid-rise residential apartments & condominiums, to high-rise mixed use (commercial/office).  Within the City of Coral Gables, Bellin Pratt & Fuentes Architects, LLC, specializes in the design of buildings in the Coral Gables Mediterranean style as a means of preserving established historic urban context and character while still achieving the maximization of land usage.  This process effectively provides preservationists as well as developers with a design solution that, while satisfying all functional requirements, is both aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient in its use of land.  Bellin Pratt & Fuentes Architects, LLC, is committed to providing their clients with an exceptional design solution while simultaneously working to enrich the urban environment.

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Our team consists of experienced architects who develop the projects starting with a sketch and following it up to complete implementation of intended ideas.


Marshall bellin

Architect Director- Partner

Glenn pratt

Architect Designer – Partner

David fuentes

Architect Manager – Partner


Tamara Cabrera


Sara Velez Ospina


Sara Velez Ospina

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